Hiring a freelance photographer is a serious job. Picking the right person will make you feel confident about your investment. This blog will let you know the questions you should ask before you say yes to a product photographer.

  • The equipment they own

The first question you should ask the photographer is the kind of equipment they possess. It includes lighting and props apart from a high-quality camera and lens.

  • They must have an insurance

Another question that you must ask is whether they have insurance. An injury, damaged equipment or other accidents can leave you in a quandary or at worst into a legal situation.

  • The background and credentials

You can ask for the course that the photographer pursued and the institute from which he got his diploma. Is the photographer a certified professional photographer? And one should not forget the most important thing and that is the experience. One could also ask the clients for whom the photographer has worked for.

  • They must have a portfolio

Most photographers will have a portfolio to showcase their work. You can use the portfolio to judge whether they meet your requirements or not. Alternatively, you can pick a few photos you like and ask him whether he can click such photos for you.

  • The free structure

Ask the photographer about the fee that will be charged. Some photographers charge on an hourly basis and other may charge on per image basis. There may be additional charges for props, styling, photo editing, photo assistants and travelling.

  • The delivery time

Some photographers do not photo edit and can deliver the photos directly. Others will give a delivery date on which they will send the edited files. If you have a tight deadline, you will require a photographer who has quick turnaround time.

  • Contingency plans

Every photographer should have a backup plan. They should have a standby staff and additional equipment in case anything goes wrong. Equipment as we know can malfunction and staff can fall sick.

  • An agreement between you and photographer

An agreement should be signed between you and the photographer on the usage rights of the photos. Photographers generally maintain copyright to the photos but you can use it the way you want to. Share with the photographer the mediums and channels on which you intend to use the photos. The information is used by the photographer to prepare a quote. The agreement needs to protect both you and the photographer.

  • Building a rapport with the photographer

Before going ahead with the decision to hire a photographer you can ask the photographer about his expectations from. The photographer should understand your needs, and then you can build a long term relation with him.

Summing all this up, there are many things that you need to ask a photographer before you can decide to hire him or her. However, the most important thing is whether the photographer will be able to deliver your requirement. For this, you must have a look his portfolio and tell him what you are looking for exactly.