Etsy is a respectable place where people like buy their merchandise from. It has around 40 million active buyers. Since it has so much reputation, it can guide anyone on product photography. This blog discusses Etsy’s tips on product photography for selling lots of products.


The kind of setting you want for the product must be decided beforehand. Will it be a simple background or a contextual photo? You can plan your photoshoot accordingly. This eliminates the chances of anything going wrong and you can get the most out of the photoshoot.

No more white background

Etsy doesn’t recommend a white background. But, you need not be too extravagant for your photoshoot. You can use simple props or even the interiors of your house for a great background.

Ensure the product is smudge-free

Smudges on the products can be removed with the Photoshop. But, cleaning the spots on the products will make the job much easier. Plus, spotless images help sell products.

You can take photos in a shade

Too much sunlight will give harsh highlights and dark shadows. However, using a shade will give you a natural, soft light that shows off all the details. It also gives an authentic look to your item than harsh studio light.

Turn off your flash

Flash can blow your highlights and clip your blacks and it can even change the appearance of the colour of your item if you haven’t compensation with your white balance. An inaccurate colour will make the customers unhappy. For more realistic effect, the flash should be turned off.

Compose your photos

Etsy recommends that the product photos should be composed. Amazon wants the products to be shot in standards frames. But, you can be more creative when you use different compositions. Use composition tools like leading lines or the rule of thirds to highlight the products.

Use different styles

While showing products in their entirety seems the norm, you can show them in an appropriate setting. You can use lifestyle or contextual pictures to give shoppers an idea of what the product would be like in the real world.

Avoid elements that distract

Any distraction will make the product out of focus. Buyers will not be able to make a decision if there are distractions. So, they may not buy the product when they get distracted.

Blurry background

A shallow depth of field will increase the focus on the product. Instead of having a small aperture, you can open up.

Clean edits

Keeping your edits clean will present the products naturally for buyers. The buyers will not complain about the texture or colour if the products are presented naturally.

Keep the buyer in mind

When creating the setting, composition and accessories for your shoot, keep the buyer in mind. Convincing a buyers is easy if they feel that the product is meant for them.

Use a narrative

Everybody likes to hear a story. The same goes with product photos. If they are able to narrate a story, shoppers will naturally show interest in them.