I am a photographer, can I get Done Images to retouch all my work?

Yes, we provide all types of photo retouching services for photographers and stock agencies. We offer timely delivery and you can even avail special deals. Contact us here!

How experienced are you in this business?

We have been in the business for five years and we have an excellent team of digital photo retouching experts.

What all services do you provide?

We provide different kinds of Digital Retouching Services:

Which file format do you use?

We work on all file formats such as JPEG, JPG, TIF, PSD, RAW, HRD etc.

How do I send you work?

We will provide you a separate FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for your work and only you will have access to that FTP for uploading and downloading the images via the Internet.
You can upload unlimited files.

I have a picture that is printed but it is not in digital format. How can I send it?

You can scan the picture with a minimum 300 dpi. The scan should be of high quality. Email the same to us.

Can you elaborate the Retouching process?

  • We make a free test for you on one of your images as per your instructions.
  • After the successful test, you can upload the files and provide us with instructions for the respective files.
  • We transfer the files to the production department and the work commences as per the instructions.
  • We deliver the files as per the deadline in the mail.
  • The finished files are uploaded on the same FTP and after the completion of the file uploading process; we will send you an email, mentioning that you can collect the files from the same FTP.
  • After you are satisfied with our work, we will send you the invoice with relevant details so you can make payment, preferably through Paypal.

What if I need a little more editing after I have received the finished files?

If we edited the picture a little differently from what you had in mind or if you forgot to add some little detail in the initial order, you can send us an email and we will edit the photo.

Are my images safe?

We care for our clients so all your images and its relevant details will be secure and in safe hands. We can sign a Non – Disclosure agreement with you for authentication from our side.

How do I send you payment?

We will send you an invoice with relevant details and you can make payment, preferably through PAYPAL/Credit Card.

What are your payment terms?

We do not charge any advance for most of our work. We do the free sample first and once the sample is accepted we start the project. After we show you the completed work, we send the invoice for payment. We prefer payments through PAYPAL/ Credit Card.

What is your turn around time?

We provide 24 x 7 quick turnaround deliveries and this is usually discussed at the time of acceptance of work.

What If I have to contact you urgently in case of an emergency?

To contact us urgently you can email us at nitin.gupta@doneimages.com or call us:
Mobile: +91 9811211098

What are your work timings?

We work on a 24×7 basis and our teams work in shifts based on the workload.

How do I contact you?

We request you to send us an email to: nitin.gupta@doneimages.com or you can call us:
Mobile: +91 9811211098

What kind of volume can you handle?

We can handle more than 1000 images in a day.

Can you please elaborate on your team’s capabilities?

Done Images Inc has a group of 50 dedicated creative professionals who are well trained in the use of Adobe Photoshop. Our team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we deliver over 50,000 images to clients across the world per month.

Do you have worldwide clientele?

Yes, we mainly work for clients in USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

Will I get invoices for the payments I make?

Yes, we will send you an invoice with relevant details and you can make payment, preferably through PAYPAL/Credit card.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit card payments.

Why should I outsource to you?

A.Reduced Costs

Using our services you will save up to 60% of what you would spend on restoring or retouching your pictures locally.

B. Improved Business Focus

By directing a part of the work towards outsourcing you gain flexibility and you are able to focus on your company’s core competencies.
You can have more time for other shoots.
This increases work flow and allows you to finish projects faster.

C. Unfulfilled Needs

Sometimes you might have to outsource because what you are looking for cannot be found locally.
You might need some creative digital photo retouching work and the local market does not meet your requirements.
Outsourcing can provide you access to a need that is not available at a local level.

D. Better Retouches

By being able to contact people from other regions/countries you may be able to use the services of expert professionals.
You can hire them through outsourcing and get excellent technicians to work on your project.