Carla Kabbabe is an entrepreneur who has successfully built her brand, Clarete, and a loyal customer base. In this blog, we will get to know how she put together her photography team, how they manage shoot day, and what successful product images look like.

Building an in-house product photography team 

At first, Kabbabe did not have a team with the skills to manage a product photoshoot. She found it difficult to get the people required for a product photoshoot. So she even posted job ads and vetted candidates. She was able to put together a talented, creative and collaborative group of professionals with effective talent-seeking approaches. Kabbabe recommends one should have an open mind when looking for talent.

Managing the Photoshoot 

Prior to the shoot, Kabbabe prepared a plan. She created a vision board to communicate her creative goals. The overall look she wanted to convey for each collection was emphasized in the vision board. She suggests you to have brainstorming prior to going for the Photoshoot. The brand message that needs be conveyed should be kept in mind.

Kabbabe hired a stylist also for the Photoshoot. The stylist provided guidance in the placement of the jewelry for each shot. The stylist helped in mitigating the effect of shadows which can spoil the product photos.

Kabbabe’s tips for your next product photoshoot 

Think ahead

Having a roadmap ready for the Photoshoot is very important. The blueprint must include the location, weather, the timeline, models and the products, apart from others. The shoot must be done in advance so that you have enough time for editing.

Have a Backup plan

You should be prepared for the worst, and last-minute changes happen frequently. A contingency plan will help to adjust when the weather is inclement or some of your key staff fall sick.

Get the most out of your shoot.

Ask your photographer to take as many shots of the product as possible. This helps in selecting the best image for the purpose of editing.

Remember the people

You should not forget that the welfare of your staff is very important. Taking care of your team is necessary to ensure a Photoshoot that does not get abandoned midway.

Post-shoot processes at Claurete

When you are through with the Photoshoot, you start looking at the images that have been clicked. Culling is the next thing to do in order to select the images that fit the bill. The goal of editing should be to represent the product as accurately as possible. An occasional photo retouching can be done to clean the images. For digital marketing purpose, Claurete chose Facebook and Instagram. But, photos were also posted on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Understanding the Photo’s effectiveness 

A number of indicators suggest that a photo connects well with people. The impressions on Instagram and the way people are reacting to it gives an indication of the effectiveness of your Photos. You can also solicit feedback from your customers.