Avoiding time-consuming tasks is a sensible thing to do. And clipping paths is one of those tasks which is better handed over to others. Since clipping paths is a tedious task, a clipping path service provider can handle it better. But there are plenty of those available: choosing one is not easy. So, we will list out the points one needs to keep in mind while selecting a clipping path service provider.

How can a clipping path service provider be of help?

– Quality-work

A clipping path service provider that delivers high-quality work will help you create print ads and websites. While lifestyle pictures, advertising shots, and social images are always in demand, white background product photography is simply indispensable for e-commerce companies. This would require using clipping paths to remove the background from a product image. So, you now know why it is so essential to outsource it.

– Be on time

Putting the photos of your products on e-commerce sites ahead of your competitors will increase the chances of conversion. If deadlines are not missed, your ads appear on time.

How to scout for a clipping path company

There are sites that are a clipping path marketplace of sorts allowing freelance photo editors to offer their services. But, they may not be able to handle a large volume of work. Trusted industry publications will list the best resources for product photographers and e-commerce sellers.

Criteria for choosing clipping path company

– Pricing

Before finalizing the deal, pay attention to the pricing of the company. Many clipping path companies have packages that can mean a lot of savings for you. Some even offer discounts on bulk orders. So it is important to consider options before making the decision.

– Quality

Look at the samples of previous work done by the company. Is the company offering you a satisfaction guarantee? If not, think twice before going ahead. And finally, is photo editing being done by humans? This is because Artificial Intelligence cannot accomplish the perfect job.

– Multitasking

Can the clipping path service provider you are hiring accomplish work like photo retouching, ghost mannequin, or vector conversion? If not, they will not serve you right. You will need these services also if your business is growing.

– Timelines

Deadlines are sacrosanct in photo editing services. But, you may require the service to be faster. What is the turnaround time being promised by the company you are going to hire? And is it going to charge something extra for delivering a task ahead of time?

– Maximum order size

Often there is a huge influx of work. Product launches and seasonal sales are some of the few occasions when you are eager to get a large number of photos edited. Will the clipping path company be able to handle bulk orders?

Summing all this up, hiring a clipping path service provider will take a lot of painstaking research and brainstorming. But, with the results you get for making the right choice, you will be ahead of the curve.