The perception of people about your brand depends on having quality and professional product photos. Usually, it is felt that post-production is essential. However, having quality product photos should start with the shoot. Choosing the right colors, therefore, for the background while shooting is important. In this blog, we will share some of the best practices that will make the finish of the product photos excellent.

What makes color important?

Choosing the right color will evoke the right mood and feel. The right color will make an otherwise ordinary product appear extraordinary. The background color that matches the product gives you an added advantage. This helps in highlighting the product features.

Choice of background color

When choosing the background color, the color or colors of your product is one of the important things. If the product you are shooting has a lot of warm tones, a cool color for the background could help the item stand out. Using a light background with a dark color product and vice versa would give your image a lot of contrast. While a white background is a safe choice but it can come with some disadvantages. A light or neutral color background would appear nice for most products. Experimentation will help you find the right balance. The background color can always be changed during post-production.

Other considerations when choosing background colors

Product color has the largest impact on the choice of background color. However, there are several other aspects that need to be taken into account also.

  • Choices depend on the models

Considering the hairstyles, clothing and even skin tone of the models is essential when choosing the background color. Have a thorough discussion with your team and photographer on how they interact with the background color to make the product shine. Using less flashy colors is advisable to keep the focus on them.

  • Lighting

Effective use of lighting can make a difference to a product photo. Using a light source that portrays the overall feeling or mood is very important. If you want the feeling to be edgier, you can use a harsh direct light or go with soft light for a subdued tone. While natural light is great, you need to have a backup location just in case the weather is bad.

The ideal color for your product background

Relying on the photographer’s direction is the best thing to do. You should keep several options before going for a shoot so that you do not end up wasting a day. Considering how the colors affect online shoppers is important. Ask questions like will the colors resonate with the brand or are they complementary to the colors of your product. However, adding colors to the background after the shoot is possible. Colors can be added during post-production. Photo editing studios have the right tools to make the product background feel just right for the product. It is better to start with neutral colors and slowly you will get a better idea of what suits your brand with each photoshoot.