Spending hours on Photoshop is not liked by anyone since this can be stressful. Attention-grabbing finished product photos require you to have a plan. Be sure of what you want to achieve before you embark on photo editing. Having a standardized photo-editing workflow depending on whether you need basic edits or a full-fledged beauty retouching will keep you on the right track. This blog will give you some tips on how to save time and at the same time get perfect product photos.

Common things to keep in mind

Selecting the photos for editing is very important. Being choosy while selecting will produce good results. Since not every photo is worth editing, choose those which have a good focus.

Suggestions for photo-editing

Lens corrections are necessary especially when you are using a wide-angle lens. Chromatic aberrations need to be corrected. Choosing the right type of crop for the product photo is also as important. A tight crop will do for a listing image and you can take liberties when editing lifestyle photos. Take off the unnecessary white or off-coloured pixels with the help of sliders in Bridge or Lightroom. Balance the colour temperature of the photo. Making the photo look realistic with colours that are not too vibrant is good for product photos. Ensure that there is not too much sharpness. That might make the photo look crunchy and weird. Once you have done the photo-editing, you should save it in the right format. Every platform has its own guidelines for format.

Precautions to be taken

Paying attention to wrinkles is important in apparel photography. Mistakes do happen inadvertently even when you take the perfect shot. You can look for imperfections by zooming in. Content Aware Fill Tool, Healing Brush Tool or Clone Stamp are tools to make those unsightly wrinkles disappear. This will make the subjects look as impeccable as possible.

Extra steps that need to be taken

Becoming familiar with the requirements of the platform is very important before you start editing the photos. Amazon has specific requirements regarding image size, background colour and file type, among others. Many photographers ignore keeping records of the product photos. This makes keeping track of them very difficult. Naming each file so that they can be located is a good habit. Removing the background is a requirement for product photos, especially on Amazon. Clipping is used to remove the backgrounds. But, you may not be able to achieve the perfect results. Automated processes may give shoddy results. Photo editing studios have personnel who can manage clipping to remove the background. They do it meticulously with their own hand.

Summing all this up, it is necessary to keep in mind that one should have a plan for photo editing. Being aware of the requirements of a platform is another thing one should be aware of. Picking a photo editing studio for editing work is a good idea if you want to streamline the process of editing.