Product photographers want a streamlined client process, successful photo sessions, and a growing network of customers. For this, they need to have systems in place. Creating a plan for your business is the right thing to do before booking product shoots. This will not only keep photographers organised but will also help them in tracking and measuring growth over time. In this blog, we are going to share what photographers should do before starting a product photography business.

Know your product photography style

Before starting your product photography business you should determine what is your product photography style. Depending on the style, you will attract a specific type of client.

  • In-studio with a white backdrop

This is the most common style adopted by product photographers. Using a white backdrop allows you to highlight a product’s features. A plain white background is preferred by fashion and apparel brands.

  • Lifestyle product photography

Practising lifestyle product photography is particularly preferred by product photographers who want to showcase products in context. Reaching the target audience in brand campaigns is possible with lifestyle product photography.

  • Product photography with models

Some product photographers prefer to work with models. Models can help customers judge a product’s size and scale easily. Problems encountered include looking for models with certain body sizes and skin color, among other things.

Shooting location

The location of a photo shoot will depend on what you are aiming at. A larger studio space will be required if you are shooting furniture or a group of models. Should you rent a studio space or set up space in your home? If you rent a studio space, you will get privacy. However, it may be too expensive. Conversely, if you choose your home, there are no time constraints. Making sure there is room for people, products and equipment is important.

  • Getting clients

To sustain yourself as a product photographer, you will need to learn about marketing your business so that you can attract clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Using keywords or phrases on your website will make it easier for search engines to easily find your website. It is essential to include correct and consistent information on the website.

  • Social Media

Social Media can be leveraged for marketing. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube can help you, secure clients. You could also manage your own social media accounts with a bit of planning and commitment. With the right hashtags, people can find you.


Networking is another way to grow your product photography business. Photography seminars, photo walks or tours and event fairs are where you can find your clients through networking. Look for photography events in your area with the help of sites like Meetup or Eventbrite.

Mastering photoshop skills

The editing process is the most important in product photography. You will have to spend a lot of time in Photoshop meticulously retouching, clone stamping and choosing the right color space settings. You can watch tutorials or read articles on how to improve your photo editing skills.