While seasoned photo editing professionals have the reputation of doing a perfect job, they may make mistakes. And Photoshop Fails are quite possible when new editors are learning the ropes of the trade. The other reasons may include a tight deadline, a huge workflow or a faux pas. When you are using automation or AI, a Photoshop Fail can happen.

Defining a Photoshop Fail

An easy-to-spot mistake on a photo or image that has been edited with Adobe Photoshop or any other professional photo editing software is a Photoshop Fail. While you are looking for something specific, you may end up with a Photoshop Fail. This happens quite often when retouching goes wrong, or when you don’t take care of the proportions while slimming down a model.

What really goes wrong?

Especially when it comes to professional product photos, Photoshop Fails can occur by mistake. Paying scant attention to details, bad direction, no post-edits reviews and using AI instead of humans are the most common reasons. Depending on AI is not advisable for photo editors. Apps are great for quick edits on your personal social media feed. However, for product photography or images achieving a flawless work is only possible with real humans with meticulous attention. Since the first impression is the last impression, you have to make the product images count. When you are using Photoshop some of the avoidable pitfalls are not using layers, deleting or erasing instead of masking and using filters without applying your mind.

What it means for the business?

Because of Photoshop Fails, your brand image, consumer trust and your bottom line gets hurt. There is a loss of trust among consumers. People will notice a mistake no matter how small it is. Mistakes can go viral due to social media and smartphones. Recovering from a glaring mistake is possible but it will leave a bad taste among the consumers. People will scrutinize everything that is posted by you closely after a Photoshop Fail. Your brand fails to get attention due to the mistake. And worst of all, your products may be considered as a fake or of poor quality.

Avoiding a Photoshop Fail

Photoshop Fails are easier to avoid if proper processes are followed and quality control is maintained. Errors slip in when professionals do not review all the work they did after completing it. Since every detail is important, doing the edits by hand is essential as small edits also matter.

Keeping track of what you are doing is important. Reviewing post-edit images can make a real difference to the quality of the images. You can’t always be mindful of every single detail when you have a lot on your plate.

Having a trustworthy editor will go a long way in avoiding Photoshop Fails. Finding an editor who understands your work produces great edits.

Summing all this up, Photoshop Fails are errors due to inattention to details. Preventing these errors is possible if a review of the edits is done. Also, ensure that you have a photo editor who understands your work to prevent Photoshop Fails.