Since there are millions of Amazon sellers, you need to stand out. Knowing how to do this is, however, more important. Images are the key components in Amazon listing. Amazon product images get displayed on your main product page. When somebody searches for your product, it shows up in the search results in the form of thumbnails. This blog will make you aware of the ways to optimize your Amazon product images.

Technical requirements must be followed diligently

Amazon pics need to be at least 1000 pixels in size. The product should fill 85 percent or more of the frame. All product photos should have a pure white background. The formats of the files that are uploaded should conform to Amazon. Only JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF files are allowed on Amazon. Amazon has a preference for JPEG. One main product image and up to eight supporting product images can be uploaded on Amazon listings. Amazon recommends showcasing the product from different angles.

Arranging the product images in a logical way

The slots available for the product images should be wisely used. Not a single of the slots should be wasted. One of the ways to do this is to place oneself in the place of the customer and think about how they would view the product. The customers should be able to experience the product in a logical way.

Stick to the standards of Amazon for high-quality photographs

Using real photos will provide a boost to your business. A straightforward approach is necessary for product photography, focusing just on the product. Anything that is distracting will prove harmful. High-resolution pics will be received well by the prospective customers. There should not be any smudges on the photos. Plus, the photos need to be realistic and represent the scale. You might consider putting the actual dimensions of the product. If the photos require editing, you can consider hiring a photo editor. Or, you can think of outsourcing some photo edits. The idea behind all this should be to bring to life the product photos.

Satisfy the potential customers with product images

While attractive pics are okay, they should also satisfy potential customers. For instance, the images posted on the Amazon listings should show the packaging of the product. Or, maybe the instructions on how to use the product may also be included.

Let the product occupy maximum space

The product should occupy the maximum space in the image. Using too much white space will be distracting. It makes the product look small in search results.

Make the photos informative

Adding some useful info will work wonders for your marketing efforts. Important facts about the product can be presented in the form of graphics.

Summing all this up, photographs can capture the imagination of the customers in more ways than you can think. However, optimizing Amazon product photos is needed to draw their attention to the product. Getting conversions is possible with optimized Amazon product photographs.