Making images engaging is very important to influence the decisions of customers. Photos in the Amazon store draw their attention. They can easily get put off by poor quality photos. It is possible to give them a good idea about the benefits of the products by having good quality photos. This blog will give you tips on using your smartphone to create high-quality images for the Amazon store.

Basic know-how about using a smartphone for taking photos

A 12-megapixel camera is ideally suited for taking product photos. Plus, you should start by acquiring tools like tripod, a white backdrop, bounce boards and reflectors, among others. Learning basic lighting techniques will be handy for you. Proper lighting will add depth and contrast to the image. Natural light will work fine if you don’t have access to high-quality artificial lighting. Using the appropriate angle for taking a photo is usually ignored. You should not make this mistake. The angle should be adjusted according to the product that is photographed.

Settings for the camera

DSLR camera allows you to make settings. But depending on the automatic mode will not deliver good results. You can make manual adjustments to the camera of your smartphone. Using White Balance, you can balance the colour temperature. The sensitivity of the camera’s sensor can be adjusted using ISO. Shutter speed controls the length of time the shutter is open. If an object is moving fast, you have to use a faster shutter speed.

Polishing the smartphone product photos

Polishing the smartphone product photos means photo editing after the photo shoot. When the post-processing is done correctly, it will work wonders for the quality of the photos. If the workflow is too much, you can consider outsourcing the work to a photo editing service provider.

Things that you must avoid

Using the zoom feature in the smartphone camera should be avoided. This is because the image quality gets worse the more you zoom. Smartphone cameras don’t have true zoom as they just crop the image. You can move the camera closer to the product for a better picture. Keeping the flash off is a must. If you keep it on, you may end up overexposing the image. Lightening a darker photo is possible with editing, but the opposite is not possible. Although all cameras come with filters and other editing tools, you should not use them because authenticity is one of the image requirements for Amazon.

Courses available for smartphone photography

You can learn the basics of smartphone photography from online courses. Lens distortion, photographing people and night photography are some of the things you may learn from these courses. There are books available that teach you smartphone techniques.

Professional photographers are more suitable

Since photography is a skill that is learnt over a period of time, professional photographers can take better pictures. As they ensure quality, it’s a worthy investment. However, before you hire one, you should enquire about the experience. You may also ask for a portfolio of their work that is Amazon-ready.