Photo Editing Services


COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviour drastically. There is a significant rise in online shopping, and thus the importance of using product photography has grown. Having product photographs that can resonate with the consumers has become essential to improve the bottom line. Consumers make their decisions on the basis of product photos, and therefore you need changes in the way you shoot and edit product photos. This blog is about the techniques you can use to make photos pandemic-friendly.

Focus on home life

Everything revolved around the home during the pandemic, and the situation is persisting. Working from home has become the norm. Depicting home life is necessary since the lifestyle changed during Covid. You could consider repurposing the images by adding home scenes in the background.

Show the features of the products

You could consider showcasing features of products that are relevant to hygiene. The priority of shoppers post-pandemic is now products that promote safety, convenience and wellness. However, if the items you are selling do not have these characteristics, you could highlight features that promote them. This could include washability or easy-to-clean features of certain products like lunch boxes or car trays.

Outdoor setting

An outdoor setting is important for some products since they make them look authentic. You can get an outdoor setting for your photo with the help of props that represent grass, flowers or leaves. Otherwise, repurposing images is a good idea to get an outdoor setting. This is very cost-effective since you can create images of any season by repurposing them.

Make your photos pleasant

Since the pandemic has left a scar on the lives of everyone, it is essential that the product photos boost the spirits of the customers. For this, you need to carefully style the product photography. An easy way to make the product photos pleasant is to use smiling models. Colors play a significant role in making product photos more pleasant. An experienced photographer will know how to create a balance between hues so that the photos look pleasant. Product photos of leading brands use vibrant colours that exude compassion, happiness and other uplifting feelings.

Add face masks

Adding a face mask to a model will show that you are socially conscious and concerned. Since the threat of a pandemic is still looming large, adding a face mask will make your content look relevant. The face masks should also look natural and not distract the viewers from the product.

Create space between the models

Social distancing is a norm which is being followed around the world. This should also reflect in the product photos. Showing product photos that are crowded will not add value to it. Most of the leading brands are creating images that place models at a safe distance.

Summing all this up, it is essential to make photos relevant to the times. This has become even more evident after the pandemic as the product photos need to look pleasant and socially conscious. It is necessary so that the shoppers connect with the images well.