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People are looking for product photos when they are buying online. As most of them are not doing shopping from brick-and-mortar shops, they have to depend on product images and descriptions available on e-commerce sites. Photos can sometimes boost the e-commerce business as they help in conversions. For best results, it is necessary that photos are optimized during the editing process. This blog will give suggestions on editing and optimizing product photos.

Fix the glitches

Sometimes Photoshop fails to produce the best results. But, there are ways to fix the glitches. The following will let you know how to prevent them.

  • Faux pas occurring while combining multiple photos

When you cannot capture the photo in one frame, you resort to combining several photos. Combining multiple photos can cause embarrassment sometimes. It is necessary you keep a close watch on the details before publishing to avoid embarrassment.

  • Remove all human limbs from ghost mannequin

Avoid the phantom limb syndrome while ghosting mannequin. What this means is that if you are using invisible mannequins make sure you have removed all the human parts. Otherwise, it will look unnatural.

  • Take care of the reflections

Be conscious of the reflections that can be distracting for the onlooker. Reflective surfaces are difficult to photograph because of the reflections they cause. This happens with jewellery, sunglasses, watches and glass, among others.

Be conscious of where the model’s gaze is focusing

Directing the model’s focus on the actual product will increase the conversions. This can be done through facial gestures or body language. We are hardwired to follow the gaze of the model. Eye-tracking studies have proven that when there is no model in a product image, shoppers tend to look at the copy.

Apparel photos that use ghost mannequins are received better

Bringing life and shape to your products, especially clothing, is possible with ghost mannequins. Shoppers want to see what an item may look like when they wear them. Moreover, ghost mannequins are a lot more affordable than using real models. A photo editing studio will be able to create ghost mannequins.

Give a background to the product

A proper background for a product will make the shoppers understand its utility and its superior features. They may be able to envision themselves using the product. For instance, the photoshoot of a toaster can be done in a kitchen, or beach chairs could be shot in sand.

Ensure that there are no imperfections

Customers want to look at the images closely, and therefore they use the Zoom feature. Since small imperfections can show up when the product photos are zoomed in, it is necessary to make the product photos near perfect. Any blemish will show up when it is zoomed. Professional designers zoom in 300 % to make sure nothing is wrong with editing.

Give the customers a real-life experience

A real-life experience is expected by customers as they cannot see the product in actuality. Showing the product from all perspectives, especially the portions customers prefer to look at, will guarantee a conversion. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think of the different angles you can shoot a product.