While you are photo editing, you will need features that will ensure good results. There are pros and cons to every photo editing software. Nowadays, photoediting is quite simple since you can use your smartphones to download Apps that allow you to make your photos picture perfect. However, you might get overwhelmed with the huge number of Apps that are available. Especially in product photography, you require tools that are great for enhancing the photos. In this blog, you will get a rough idea of the Apps that have smart photo editing features.

Affinity Photo

Among the many features that make Affinity Photo, an adorable App, is a powerful editing tool with corrections, retouching and layers. Apart from achieving a lot of tasks by acquiring this App, it is not costly.

A Color Story

If you want colour adjustment, A Color Story, is a good App. It makes retouching possible without must effort. With trendy filters and effects and an Instagram grid planner, it is a great choice for photo editing. Unlimited access to filters and effects is available for paid members.


Among all the photo-editing Apps, AirBrush is perhaps the only one that is centered around airbrushing and fixing imperfections. The features that include bokeh, relight, acne and makeup make it excellent for product photography and selfies.


Darkroom can be used by photographers with any skill level. This App can be downloaded for free and additional features can be added by upgrading it. It has got accolades like Editor’s Choice and Winner of Apple Design Award in 2020.


Flickr is quite popular among photographers as it is a photo-sharing and networking platform. The free basic account allows you to access editing tools which include filters, frames, adding text and drawings and colour adjustments.

Microsoft Pix

The unique selling proposition of Microsoft Pix, a camera App, is that it uses AI technology to help you take professional-looking photos. The only thing that goes against the App is that is only available oniOS. However, it has unique features that make it different from other Apps.


Turning images into paintings is possible with Prisma. There are photo enhancement tools to perfect brightness, exposure, contrast and sharpness, along with 300 art filters.


Snapchat is a social media App that focuses on the photo and video sharing. However, it has built-in filters, lenses, Bitmojis and other fun effects. Increasing brand awareness is possible with this App as you can create your own filters or use lenses made by the App’s community.


Removing unwanted objects from photos is possible with TouchRetouch App. Because of its ease and efficiency, it has been rated as the number two App on Apple in Photo and Video.

The best free photo-editing App will depend on the level of your expertise and your needs. If photo editing is bothering you too much, you can outsource the work. Outsourcing is handy since you avoid the tedious work involved in photo editing, and you get smart results.