What are the automations you can use in your freelance photography business?

Since a photographer has to manage many tasks at one time, automations can be of immense help. In this blog, we will list some of popular automations that can be used to manage those tasks.

Basic facts about automation

Automation can reduce human error to a large extent. When they are set up, they can work on autopilot mode. Using it, a photographer can wind up earlier and take the much-needed break.

Automations that can help in minimizing the efforts

So, you would like to know what actually can be automated. There are automations that can help you in sending emails and manage social media, apart from many others. However, nine automations are popular among photographers because of their utility.

  • Email automation

An email service provider will be of immense utility if a freelance photographer wants to create workflows and sequences. ConvertKit and MailChimp are some of the popular email service providers. The latter is a free option if you have up to 2000 subscribers.

  • Social media automation

There are softwares that will help you optimize and schedule your social media posts. One such software is Tailwind which is meant for Pinterest.  Planoly can be used to automate Instagram posts.

  • Facebook

Managing your Facebook account on a day to day basis can become stressful. Automation of the posts is possible with the help of tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. Posts can even be scheduled for Facebook groups.

  • IFTTT automations

IFTTT automations can help in sharing a tweet every time you update your blog. They can help you in sending new iPhone photos to your Google Drive. Getting notified in advance about weather disturbances is possible with the help of IFTTT automations.

  • Zapier automations

Zapier is an automation that can integrate PayPal, Quickbooks, MailChimp and many other tools you may be using for your photography business.

  • Client Booking Automation

17hats is a powerful software that can help a freelance photographer send quotes, easily create and deliver contracts, and even transmit invoices with just a few clicks.

  • Accounting Automation

While it might be too much of a headache when you have to file tax returns, there is an accounting automation to help you in this too. 17hats can integrate with Quickbooks offering automation options for your bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Shooting Automations

There are automation softwares that can help in setting up the perfect shot. Cascable has calculators that can assist in deciding the perfect recipe for a shot. Be it lighting effect or a certain trick with depth of field, it will help you out.

  • File upload/download automations

Waiting for uploads and exports can be time-taking. Automating uploads, resizing, and exports is possible if you use Adobe Bridge, which is part of the Adobe Photoshop program.

  • Photo editing automations

Photo editing can be done faster if an automation is used. However, precaution should be exercised when you use automation for photo-editing. It is recommended, however, that Clipping Path is done by hand as using automation may result in Photoshop Fails.