To get the best images, one needs to remove people, objects and text from them. This blog will give tips on eliminating unwanted elements from an image with Photoshop, Photomerge and GIMP.

How to remove unwanted elements using Photoshop?

You can exercise a lot of control when you work with Photoshop tools. We can remove a person or an object as well as blemishes and watermarks with their help.

  • Removing a person from a photo using Content Aware Fill

The quickest way to remove unwanted items that vanish from your image is to use Content Aware Fill. In the first step, one needs to draw a selection around the object you want to remove using Lasso tool. Bring up the Fill dialog box in the next step. Choose Content-Aware and set the Blend Mode to normal and the Fill to 100%. Then click OK. You will see that the object has vanished. In the fourth and last step, use the Clone Stamp tool or Healing Brush tool to smooth out any blemishes left over by Fill.

  • Removing a watermark or blemish in Photoshop using the Clone Stamp tool, Healing Brush tool and Curves

To remove unwanted elements in complex images, the Clone Stamp tool and Healing Brush tool are used. Curves dialog box may be used to remove a watermark or a blemish. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the portions of the watermark. Open the Curves dialog box. Click and drag down the middle of the curve line in the graph until the watermarked area vanishes. You can use the Healing Brush tool or the Clone Stamp tool to soften edges.

How to remove unwanted elements using Photomerge Scene Cleaner? 

You can use Photomerge Scene Cleaner to eliminate unwanted elements with just a few clicks of the mouse. This method takes portions of one image and merge them over your unwanted elements in another image.

  • Open at least two images in Photoshop Elements Editor. Open files you wish to merge. In the second step, click on the Guided tab, click on the Photomerge option and choose Photomerge Scene Cleaner from the options listed. In the third step, click on the image that you want to use as your source image. Drag the image you are trying to clean up into the Final Window. Next, you need to choose the Alignment Tool. In your Source image, you’ll see markers that correlate to markers in the Final window. Move the markers in the Final window to correlate to elements in the same place in your Source image. In the last step, use the Pencil tool to draw around the elements you want to remove in the Final image. The scene cleaner will take the area from the Source image that aligns with the Final image and will place it in the same place.

How to use GIMP to remove an object from a scene? 

If you cannot use, Photoshop or Photomerge, GIMP is the next best option available.

In the first step, use the Fuzzy Select tool to select the entire unwanted element. Use the Clone tool to paint over the unwanted object. With the Heal tool, you can smooth out any unsightly edges.