Optimizing the product photos helps in improving the experience of shoppers. This blog will let you know how you should optimize the product photos so that you can drive sales.

  • Keep the photos simple and focused on the product 

Simplicity is the key when you are placing product photos for shoppers. A white background product photo is preferred by e-commerce sites. Keeping it simple ensures that there is no distraction and the focus is on the product.

  • The angle should be chosen wisely. 

Selecting an angle properly will enhance the appeal of the product. You should put yourself in the shoes of a customer and think of what they want to look at.

  • Using videos 

Showcasing products with the help of videos is a great way. Most e-commerce sites have videos to promote products.

  • Let the customers know about the USPs of a product. 

The important features of the product should be highlighted in the product photos. The interiors of a product like a handbag will provide a shopper a better idea of quality. It will naturally let her decide whether to buy it or not.

  • Page layout 

One should also be aware of the page layout when placing a product photo. Just being concerned about image sizing and image compression will not be right.

  • The right number of product photos 

The shoppers want to look at more images than you can think of. Posting at least three photos is necessary to promote your product. If you want to stay ahead in competition, clicking more product photos and posting them will generally help in getting conversions.

  • Use different styles of product photos. 

Lifestyle photos and contextual photos are necessary to promote certain categories of products. Lifestyle photos are particularly good for apparel. At the same time, contextual photos can help people know about the functions of products like electrical appliances.

  • Keeping yourself abreast of the trends 

The trends should be identified to post product photos that will click with the shoppers. Are the big or small photos that are attracting attention from the customers? Also, the number of product photos that seem to interest the shoppers should be kept in mind.

  • Be mobile friendly 

Being mobile-friendly is very important since the shoppers are using their mobiles to make their purchases. You should make sure that the product photos appear good on the mobile also.

  • Using SEO 

Use SEO techniques for optimizing product photos for a better customer experience. The product photo should be compressed to decrease file size while also preserving the quality. The file should be named appropriately with targeted keywords.

  • Invest in high-quality product photos 

Investing in high quality product photos will naturally garner a better shopping experience for the customer. This will, in turn, drive sales of products.

Summing up all this, optimizing product photos is perhaps the most important thing to do when you want sales to increase. Keeping a tab on the trends can help you have product photos that will truly enhance the shopping experience and drive your sales.