You have to put the best foot forward when you want to set up a product photo studio within a limited budget. Basic knowledge of setting up one will comprise the equipment required and a fair idea about the lighting equipment and techniques. Essentials for a product photo studio include the camera, studio space, lighting equipment, tabletops, and props. But you would definitely not like to splurge on these basic items if you have just started a business. We will guide you on how to set up a studio that is budget-friendly.

How to choose a location for the studio?

A spare room, a guest room, or even a closet will make for a studio space. The studio space may be dark, but if you are on a tight budget, it is necessary to have natural lighting. You should not compromise in any manner on cleanliness. A spotless studio space will ensure the images are picture-perfect.

How to utilize money wisely on equipment?

  • Camera

A high-quality camera is dispensable but a worthy investment. A tight budget should not be a cause of worry. Your smartphone will serve right if you don’t have a high-end expensive camera.

  • Tripod

A tripod will be needed whether you shoot with a camera or a smartphone. Getting a good quality tripod is important since it ensures consistent, steady images. There are decent tripods available at a reasonable cost.

  • White backdrop

You can easily improvise a plain paper or a sheet to use as a white backdrop. If you have the money to spend, you can easily find one on Amazon or in photography stores.

  • Lighting equipment

Purchasing lighting for darker rooms is a must. Studio speed lights are less costlier than studio strobe lights. But if the space you are working in has natural light, you can do with backdrops, bounce boards, and reflectors.

How to set up your own product photography studio?

Setting up your studio is not as difficult as you might have thought. You can make a beginning with a camera, a table, and lighting equipment. We will outline a few basic steps for setting up a product photography studio.

  • Arrange for a table and select the right props that would be needed for a shoot. It is necessary to wipe off the dust from the table and props to get clean images.
  • If you are working in natural light, you need not worry much. But in a dark room, you would need a diffuser. It reduces the harsh shadows.
  • Check whether everything is in place for a test shoot. While it is necessary to take test shots, it must not consume much of your time.

How to do post-processing?

While it is great to have your own studio, it is also necessary to get a finished product. A photo-editing studio is equipped with software that will ensure the best output.