The way we work has undergone a sea-change due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Staying at home and observing the safety precautions have become essential. While working from home is an option for many jobs, it is not possible in all jobs. Product photography is a field job that requires one to travel a lot. In this blog, we will be sharing a few tips on how to maintain the Covid safety protocols during a photoshoot.

Sanitize your equipment

  • Clean and sanitize your gear

Make sure cameras and lenses are disinfected before use. Start by cleaning the camera before moving on to sanitization. Using an EPA-approved COVID-19 disinfectant, clean the camera and lens body completely, as well as the strap, tripod and any other associated equipment.

  • Prepare your products

Reducing the chances of COVID-19 transmission is possible by constant cleaning and sanitization along with glove-wearing. Products are always handled on shoots and they need to be taken care of.

  • Make use of the zoom lens

According to the social distancing guidelines, 6 feet between people is recommended. Make use of the expensive zoom lens to maintain the social distancing guidelines. You will be able to shoot from a distance without compromising the quality of your shots. A smartphone camera will result in pixelated images. It is important to have a high-quality camera.

  • Edit remotely

Post-processing can be more important than the work that happens during the shoot. Instead of editing your photos at the office, take them home and select shots to refine them later. Outsourcing the tedious edit is also possible with photo editing studios.

Get your set-up ready

  • Shoot at the right location

You should choose a location that is safe for you and your team also. Managing logistics is easy if you keep things local. The weather may not permit you to do shoots outdoor. Booking a photography studio may be a sensible thing to do.

  • Barriers to preventing an infection

Barriers have become important to prevent the spread of infection. Retail outlets, salons, restaurants, and other businesses have barriers. You can do the same to separate create a separation between individuals.

People need to be protected

  • Set a limit on the number of people

Reducing the number of people to a minimum is advisable as this helps in reducing the spread of the virus. Reduce the number of people in the team, and take any guidance virtually or on the phone.

  • Wear masks

You should ask the team members to wear a mask when on a location for a photoshoot. Also, you can keep spare masks just in case someone doesn’t have a mask.

  • Stay at home

If a team member is feeling unwell, it is better to stay at home. It is a wise thing to do since it may mean that the whole team catches the virus.

Summing up all this, following the safety protocols is quite important during a photoshoot. Right from sanitizing to maintaining social distance to wearing masks, taking all the precautions will keep your team safe.