Using blocks for product photography will give another dimension to the product photos. Plus, blocks can make your product, whatever its size, the focal attention. They will definitely add to the visual interest of the products you are going to shoot. Instead of just a white background, it is time you tried something different to highlight the product. Product Photography Blocks help draw the attention of people toward the product. This blog will provide you with a number of ideas on how to create photos by using blocks.

Ways to Use Product Photography Blocks?

There are innumerable options on how to use photography blocks. While this seems mind-boggling, here are a few techniques you can try:

  • Stacking up multiple boxes

Adding height and dimension to smaller products is possible by stacking multiple boxes. Stacked blocks draw attention to the product. Using stairs can produce a similar effect.

  • A single box is also good enough

Minimalism in advertising luxury products is a trend catching up fast. Using a single box can portray luxury easily. The look of the product immediately seems chic, and that is the kind of feeling you want people to have.

  • Using more than one blocks

Aesthetic considerations require the use of more than one block when you want to display multiple products. When you want to include a few products in one shot, this ensures a pleasing look.

  • Using different shades of the same colour

Monochromatism is also in vogue in today’s world. Mixing different shades of the same colour will look trendy and add to the value of the product.

  • Add some playfulness

You can experiment with blocks that are of different shapes and colors. Different shapes and colours will be able to bring attention to the product.

What are the types of boxes that are available?

Acrylic boxes are often used in in-store retail displays because they elevate the products. Foam blocks are another good option as they can be painted and offer gentle support to the products. Kids’ toy blocks are great since there is a wide range of them available. Another viable option is IKEA shelves because of their minimal design aesthetic. The attractiveness and roughness of concrete or bricks make them suitable as props. Using wood blocks as props will create a natural look for the photoshoot.

Using your own products

Moreover, you can even use your own products as blocks because of your items. If your products are cube- or rectangular-shaped, you can use your own products as props as well.

Creativity is the key when using blocks

While these are just a few ideas on how to use blocks, cubes, and boxes, there are umpteenth of other ones. For instance, you could try mixing wood and concrete blocks and maybe even a third type of block. Exploring all possibilities will be good for making the product photos stand out. Having a perfect shot is not the end of the game. You will require post-processing touch-ups for which you can outsource photo editing.