When removing the background, you would like to achieve the perfect results. This is especially true when the object from which you want to remove the background is complex. Hair is one such object which tends to be time-consuming and leave anyone utterly annoyed. But Photoshop tools can make it convenient. Product photography that is used in e-commerce needs to attract the attention of prospective customers. Since a lot of effort goes into photoshoots, it is important that photo-editing is done diligently. In this blog, we will discuss how you can use Photoshop tools to remove the background from the hair.

Create a duplicate layer

You must start by creating a duplicate layer first because you would not like to damage the original pic. The layers panel will help you create a duplicate layer.

Set up a high contrast layer

Setting up a high contrast layer will make the job of removing the background from hair easy. This is because you can actually see the details more clearly when there is a contrasting colour around a complex object. Double click on the Foreground colour to bring up the Colours Dialog Box. Choose a colour that is in high contrast to the background colour using color sliders. If the background is yellow, you should choose blue.

Making alterations in the background around hair

Removing the background around hair will require a tool called Background Eraser. The toolbar will have the option of Background Eraser, or it may be hidden behind the Eraser Tool. There are three options in Background Eraser. One can choose Contiguous, Once, or Background Swatch, depending on the kind of background. The other options that are needed to be selected include the Brush Size and Tolerance. You should begin with a Brush Size that is appropriate for the image you are working at. Reducing the Brush Size will give you more precision. The Tolerance level needs to be adjusted according to the colours in the foreground image. The goal of the erasing process should be to get an outline of the entire subject.

Change the background

You can go back into the layers panel and hide the bright colour layer along with the original Background layer. Clicking the Eye icon next to each layer will make this possible. Now you have a transparent layer. Inserting any background, you wish into the image is easy. Or, for that matter, you can copy this image and insert it in another image. More complex backgrounds can be added as interesting backgrounds make for outstanding e-commerce photographs.

Mastering more Photoshop skills

Photoshop tutorials are available online that will help you master photoshop skills. They will help you create perfectly edited images to promote your products. And if you find the idea of learning Photoshop too cumbersome, you can outsource the photoediting work.

Summing all this up, Photoshop tools can be used to remove background from complex objects like hair. It also helps you add interesting backgrounds that will be great for product photographs.