E-commerce businesses thrive because of the picture-perfect photos of the products. Highlighting the best features of products is the strength of a professional photographer. This blog will help you get an idea of the cost involved in product photography.

What will product photography cost you?

The costs of product photography will be determined by various factors. These include the type of product, the number of products you need to be photographed, and the style you are looking for. For bulk orders, the cost will come down significantly. Membership Plans give you a lower price per image. Each time you upgrade the plan per image, pricing will reduce. The least costly of all plans are the growth plans suitable for companies that are growing.

What determines the costs of product photography?

When a white background is not included in the photography, you may have to pay for it. Photo editing may also be added to the cost of the product photography. While there may not be extra charges for retouching of photos, it really depends. Photoshoots are done in locations that involve traveling expenses.

What are the resources needed in product photography?

Pretty product shots involve a lot of resources. Photography equipment and space are expensive, and an assistant might be necessary. The camera and lenses require maintenance. Professional photo editing software is needed for the product photos to be impeccable. Being calculative is an approach not taken by professionals, but you need to know what the cost you are going to incur is.

  • Camera and lenses

Camera bodies can be costly and may cost $3000 upwards. Used lenses are available from$1000 upwards. High-quality lenses usually have better features like higher-quality glass and better sensors.

  • Props

Product photography would generally require props that are used to make the photos eye-popping. Product photographers have around $1000 worth of props at their disposal.

  • Lighting

For lighting, photographers need to have light meters, reflectors, and stands. The photographers we surveyed have spent over $15,000 on lighting equipment.

  • People

Contrary to general belief, there are a lot of people involved in product photography. These include photography assistants, models, hair and makeup stylists, and photo stylists. The models should resonate with the product.

  • Photo Editing

Post-processing determines the quality of the photos. Photo-editing is commonly outsourced because it is time-consuming. While there are a number of software available, there is no comparison to skilled hands.

How can the expenditure be reduced?

Finally, you will like to ask a pertinent question. Can you cut the costs of product photography? Investing in high-quality camera and lenses are a prerequisite for getting good results. Also, a photographer who specializes in product photography will deliver what you want is indispensable. However, there are many ways in which you can cut your costs. One of the ways is buying only what you need. Investing wisely is of utmost importance if you want to cut your costs. Outsourcing photo editing can reduce the expenditure involved in product photography.