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We all see attractive product photos on e-commerce sites. Since e-commerce business is growing day by day, the product photography is becoming increasingly important. But, what actually is product photography. This blog will let you know everything about product photography.

Definition of product photography

Any image meant for improving the sales of a product is product photography. These images are meant to attract shoppers so that they can purchase the photographed products. Product photography is technically object photography since it involves taking photos of inanimate things.

Why is product photography important?

A product image can be processed very quickly by the human brain. Creating the first impression is easy with product photography. Moreover, people can recall product photographs easily even after a long duration of time.

What are the types of product photography?

While product photography is object photography, there are many types.

White Background

Background distractions may make product photos very unattractive. That is why White Background is preferred for product photos making them the most common type of product photos you see.


With a proper background, product photos can let the shopper envision themselves using the product. They can show the customers how to use the product and give them a sense of scale.


Since humans are social animals, lifestyle photos can be a sure way to promote a product. Lifestyle photos have similarities with contextual photos. The only difference between contextual and lifestyle photos is that the latter uses a lot of the people in them.


Detailed product photos show small elements that are not visible in a standard product photo. You may observe this with apparel, footwear and accessories, especially as you enter the luxury categories. You may want to show the intricate pattern or the fancy logo of the brand. Whatever it is, a detailed photo will be able to show the shopper the nicest thing in the product beautifully.


Group product photos feature multiple items. The idea behind a group product photo is to keep similar items in the same frame. Product photographer bundles them together as a promotion.

Flat lay

Social media and especially Instagram uses flat lay product photos frequently. A bird’s eye view is used to photograph products in this type of product photography. Creativity can employed in arranging products in flat lay photos.


Packaging product photos are the images that are on the box, bag or label. Whatever packaging holds your merchandise can form part of these photos. What makes these photos important is they appeal to in-person shoppers. Since most product are actually hidden which is in fact the case with food and beauty items, this type of product photography is relevant.


User-generated content includes photos that are taken by anyone who is probably showing a keen interest in your brand. These photos are typically shared on social media.

What are the equipment need for product photography?

For product photography, all you really need is a smartphone camera. But for high-quality shots which can ensure conversions, a DSLR or a mirror-less camera and a 50 mm lens are the minimum requisites.