You may be facing a lot of problems when shooting shoes. Great images of shoes are required for e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. Depending on the tricks that you use, you can do it with or without a model. This blog will let you know about some tips that you can use to get exceptional e-commerce photos of shoes.

A proper set-up

Wasting your time in getting the perfect set-up is not appropriate. Just take a lightbox or a roll of seamless white paper with high quality, non-reflective surface. Thinking about any other set-up may cost you a lot of time. You should build a lightbox or hang your white paper so that the subject will be in the middle of the shot. Pushing it too far back would create shadows which will be hard to delete later on.


You should save yourself the time and effort to get lighting techniques that are in vogue. Use one light on either side and one from the top in a lightbox. This will ensure that the background is nice and will also eliminate shadows. Shooting with seamless white paper will require a similar approach. A three light approach will work with seamless white paper also.


Taking a photo of the shoe from as many angles as possible is the best thing to do. This is because people want to see the shoe from all sides. Head, top-down, and three quarters are the main angles to focus on. But this is not all; rotating the shoe 180 degrees will give you more possible angles.


Capture as many details as you can. Featuring the details prominently will make the photo look way better than any other. If one of the details is interesting, it is worth capturing in the photo. For instance, you could highlight the logo of the shoe or the texture of the shoe.

Clean images with Photoshop

It is of utmost importance that you get clean images of shoes. Increasing the contrast may make the details appear better. Any scratch may give a bad impression on the customer. You can use Photoshop to remove any unsightly things that will make your pictures look ugly. If it is not possible to edit the photos yourself, you can outsource the edits.

Being smart pays off

The set-up should be free of smudges so that the ultimate results are perfect. If you are working for one brand of shoes, there should be uniformity. It is needless to say that you should check the lighting, the focal length, the aperture and your relative frame. The shape of the shoes should look natural, and for this, you can use florists’ wire.

Summing all this up, a shoe is a utilitarian commodity, but when it comes to selling them on e-commerce sites, you need images that look natural. A proper set-up, lighting and angles are some aspects of photography that will get your shoe images ready to attract attention.