Anybody can suggest ways to improve landing pages. But only a professional will be able to go beyond suggestions like changing the fonts or colours. The best landing pages help in converting a click into a purchase. So, it is important to make it impactful. In this blog, we will share tips on how you can improve your landing pages and drive more product sales.

Get to know more about the landing page

A landing page is specially designed to be the destination for leads and prospective customers. Since a person has to do extra work for purchasing the product he or she is looking for, the landing page needs to be optimized. This is because each ad campaign you run for boosting conversions is unique. Pushing a customer to buy a product gets easier if your landing page has been designed correctly.

Landing pages need to be appropriate for a channel

The personas of people who visit channels differ. So, you must keep in mind that your landing page needs to be appropriate. The intent of the audience and the traffic source need to be taken into account. If someone clicked on LinkedIn ad, he is likely to be looking for serious information. At the same time, a person who clicked on Instagram post will look for rich visual content and product photography.

The content should be convincing

The target keywords should be present in the content of the landing page. Only then the customers will be convinced about the products mentioned in the landing page. In addition to this, the images should be relevant and complementary to the written content. If the product is an inflatable family pool, the most appropriate image will be a family playing in their inflatable pool.

Product photography should be complementary

Delighting the customers with colourful images is okay. However, it is necessary to choose colours that will go with the products. For example, if the product is health-related, it is important that you choose subdued colours. At the same time, if it is snacks that you want to sell, vibrant colours need to selected. Contextual photos can do the trick when you want to sell appliances. At the same time, lifestyle photos will be appropriate for apparels.

The message should be loud and clear

A focused call-to-action is necessary for an effective landing page. Too many calls-to-action cause confusion in the minds of the customers. Clarity is the name of the game when you are writing them. It should have a specific language and be direct.

A/B testing for choosing the landing page

When you are in a dilemma about choosing the appropriate landing page, you can apply the A/B testing. A/B testing means creating different variants and figuring out what works best. As part of the strategy to select the landing page, you could launch your pages on the basis of different design theories and then see whether they work or not. You will get to know about your customers’ wants, needs and priorities.