Every e-Commerce business is growing and at that stage, no one wants to invest money. So, cutting costs and making more money is always on the mind. It is felt that using AI is a good way of doing that. Many times it does help when you use automation. But, it is not always good for Ecommerce business. There are several things that cannot be accomplished by using automation. In this blog, we will let you know about the jobs that cannot be done with the help of AI.

Product images

Images play a crucial role for e-Commerce brands. Paying attention to the details of a product photo is important. These include ensuring that there are no Photoshop fails. Moreover, there are different angles that need to be ensured in photos. Plus, there are multiple styles of commercial photography. There are lifestyle, contextual and white background photos.   Automated tools cannot ensure the presentation is always up to the mark.

Support for customers

There are some easy to handle queries which can be taken care of by bots. It can help you reduce the cost as it reduces the expenditures on customer service personnel. But, sometimes, a human touch is needed handle situations where the customers need guidance or they are upset about something. Automated tools cannot be creative while solving problems.

Creative writing

Different type of content is required for e-commerce business. Product descriptions, headlines and reviews are just some of the content required. While AI is great because it can learn and improve, it requires a lot of research as well as creative expression to strike a balance. AI has the disadvantage of not being able to engage the customers in a meaningful way.

Buying for wholesale and retail

Technology cannot replace strategy, imagination, creativity and critical thinking. All this is a must for wholesale and retail buyers. Buyers need to have strong analytical skills and the ability to judge future trends. Therefore, automation is clearly not a possibility for wholesale and retail buying. Retail and wholesale buyers need to apply critical thinking when making decisions. This is for the obvious reason that they do not want the products they buy to sit on the shelves. Instead, they want them to sell.

Inspection of returns

Retention of customers is possible if the returns are handled efficiently. Automated tools will not be able to do returns inspections. Since there are many ways to handle returns, automated tools are likely to falter. It really depends on what the customer is looking for. They may ask for a refund, a replacement, repair or they may simply reject. Being a critical customer touch point, return metrics can significantly affect the ecommerce business.

Summing all this up, it is not easy to manage an E-commerce business. While automation may reduce the costs, there are many aspects that cannot be handled properly with the help of artificial intelligence. They include customer support, product photography, wholesale & retail buying, creative writing and inspection of returns.